Life is a move. Move is painting. Painting is life! That’s my life credo.

I am doing my best to continuously self-develop as a person and, of course, as a painter. Doesn't matter where am I, at a studio, outside on the street, park or another city, country or even another continent. It doesn't really matter, I am always painting!

I am a wide-eyed wanderer, always open for new and interested in experiments! That’s why I do my best to travel as often as possible. I am trying to see, feel and experience as much as possible! It is always very exciting and interesting and I believe it helps me grow.

Often, I am being inspired by the beauty of nature. Flowers, landscapes, wildness and natural beauty of the world are always one of the best sources of inspiration. However, of course, there are many amazing places made by human around the world that inspires me a lot.

I am doing my best to make my paintings bright and full of colors, this way I want to share my vision of the world and its beauty. I've tried several mediums and techniques but my favorite and the one I stick to is oil painting.

My works are made to bring up emotions of the viewer.